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By May 26, 2015

  Ok, I made it to day two! Woohoo! This time I decided to go downtown, and see what I can do combining the ambient light with speedlites. It’s always a struggle to gel the lights correctly, and I don’t think I’ve fully succeeded this time, because I’ve got this purple color cast visible on the

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By May 25, 2015

I decided to start a 365 Days Photo project, for couple of reasons. First, I’d like to build up my photography portfolio. Since I got into video, motion graphics, visual effects and filmmaking, I stopped taking photos as often as I did before, so hopefully this project will change that fact. Basically, I’ll try to

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By May 21, 2015

Hell yeah! Finally a new design! This blog (along with the website) is online thanks to couple of my friends who know they way around WordPress. Wouldn’t happen without them (at least, not so soon), so thank you Zvonko and Igor! Anyway, this is the place where I’ll by post all kind of stuff, related to photography

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