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Easy rider Zagreb
By June 25, 2015

  This is Mare. She’s into motorcycles. And yes, Marija and Mario is pretty common name in Croatia 😉 Anyway, let’s get down to lighting info. I used my good old three Yongnuo flashes to light the bike and her. One was positioned on the right side, as a key light. As for the rim

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Ray Ban Aviators sunglasses product photography BTS
By June 24, 2015

It was about time to clean my sunglasses and to take some pics while I am at it! Sunglasses product photography is kinda tricky, because sunglasses are translucent and reflective at the same time. My goal here was to light them and show some nice reflections in them. That’s why I used a big scrim

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Streets of Zagreb - Guitar player
By June 23, 2015

  Meet Mario. He’s a professional dancer, rising actor and a guitar player wannabe 🙂 We were walking around the streets of Zagreb, looking for a perfect spot to take a photo of him (fake) playing a guitar. We stopped at Zrinjevac park in the city center and had a small photo session on a

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Laura in Maksimir
By June 22, 2015

  This one happened kinda spontaneous. We were looking for some nice place to shoot a portrait in Maksimir park in Zagreb today, but couldn’t stay still in one place for too long because of the darn mosquitoes! So we found a bench, Laura turned her head, and here it is – sun, hair and

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By June 21, 2015

  I am back to lighting the scene using flashes. It was about time, right? 😉 Since I am available to myself as a model 24/7 (or most of the time), I did yet another self-portrait. I found some aviator style jacket and shades, so I had to light my face and the shades carefully.

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