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By June 05, 2015

  Actually, it’s not about making photographs for passport (although it may seem like that!), it’s about me not having much time today. So yeah, I’ll be brief, here is my new (passport) photo! And don’t forget to check the light and camera setup in the BTS pic! Have a nice weekend!   (click on

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By June 04, 2015

  Nope, that wasn’t Dwayne Johnson hanging with us 😉 We’re just too cool for him! Today I asked my friend Laura to pose in front of the camera for me. We went to the Solar plexus, an art installation made of huge stones, which is located on the lake Jarun in Zagreb. So I

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Beer Glass Product photography
By June 03, 2015

  Yeah, I know, I was talking about beer the other day and then posted a pic of my self! 😉 So there you go, a glass of ice cold beer! Cheers! Took me a while to get everything prepared for this shot, but I think it was worth it. This time I wasn’t just

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By June 02, 2015

  My buddy and me went for a beer and then walked a bit around the old city center of Zagreb. We passed through Oktogon passage and decided to snap a pic there. I set the lights up and passed my camera into Igor’s hands to snap a pic of me. I think he did

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By June 01, 2015

I was too lazy to move my ass anywhere today, hence this experiment with bokeh background. Turned out it was quite easy to produce a “fake” bokeh for today’s model – little rubber devil duck 🙂 I used bunch of glasses, positioned about two meters behind the subject, and pointed two speedlites straight to the

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