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Watch product photography
By July 26, 2015

So I am running out of things to take pictures of at home, that’s why I played around with watch product photography today.   And yes, that’s my watch. Shot on black glossy perspex, with some sea salt in the back. All the tech info is down below!   Camera and light settings: Canon 600D

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Apples product photography
By July 25, 2015

Meet apples! They are are good for ya! Apples are good for taking pics as well.   I got all messy shooting apples and water today. 🙂 But it turned out pretty good in the end. Got myself a nice piece of black glossy perspex and arranged couple apples with leaves for today’s photo shoot.

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Golf Clubs Bag
By July 24, 2015

I have this bag of golf clubs sitting at home and collecting dust for a quite while now.   It was about time to clean it all up, take a pic and play some golf, while I am at it 😉 To be honest, cleaning did took a while! And I had to remove some

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Sunglasses Product photography
By July 23, 2015

I decided to do sunglasses product photography one more time. However, I used a different approach today.   Lighting setup was fairly simple this time, just one speedlight above the sunglasses, shot at 1/1 power through scrim (100 x 100 cm). Majority of the light was bounced back of white perspex, so the glasses were

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High Key Photography
By July 22, 2015

Playing with high key photography these days.   Today I used one light only. I wanted to do some classic beauty shots, and since I don’t have a beauty dish (yet), I used one of my softboxes. So basically, I had one flash shot through softbox with inner diffuser only. It was positioned just above

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