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By July 21, 2015

Seems that there are quite a few grinders in my kitchen. So I’ve chosen this old yellow grinder for today’s product photo shoot.   It kinda looks like a chess piece, and it’s yellow. Hence the blue paper background. I used three flashes, one shot through a softbox on the right, with the scrim in

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High Key self portrait
By July 20, 2015

Today is no day for fancy and complicated lighting setups. I just wanted to play around with high key photography.   And that’s basically it! High key photography is simple – camera on a tripod, on camera flash fired at 1/4 power and me in front of it. I used big ass scrim as background,

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Dark Field Lighting
By July 19, 2015

Using dark field lighting with glassware is pretty challenging, with all the reflections that are visible in the glass.   In this particular setup, I used only one light, a flash shot through softbox which was placed in the back. The key to success was proper use of flags, to block the light and unwanted

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Audio Mixing Console
By July 18, 2015

I was into DJing long time ago, but still got a thing for all these knobs, dials and sliders on audio mixing consoles.   I had a gig at concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb, I was asked to take photos of the building interior and exterior, as well as the photos of the audio

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sportbike freestyle stunt riding
By July 17, 2015

Sportbike freestyle stunt riding is not common in Croatia, there’s only couple of guys doing it and Hrvoje Kostelac is one of them.   I had an opportunity to take couple of photos of Hrvoje doing some mad stunts on his freestyle sport bike. Hrvoje was born on the bike and he’s one of those

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