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Abstract Macro Photography – 365 Project – Day 41

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Posted on July 04, 2015

As a photographer, I didn’t pay much attention to abstract macro photography, but today it crossed my mind to give it a try.

The thing about abstract macro photography is that possibilities are endless, especially if you have a bunch of (semi)useless crap at home, like me! :)  I found some screws, placed them in front of my camera and for the background I used couple of glasses. One flash was pointed directly at the glasses, so the highlights produced a nice blueish background. I actually didn’t need that gel on the flash, because later I decided to process the images as black and white. Other two flashes were shot through softboxes, one on each side.

I used my old Pentacon 50mm lens, with a macro extension tube, so I could get closer to the subject. Aperture was set to f16, just to make depth of field slightly wider. Shutter speed was set at 1/200 of the second.

Feel free to check all the other details below!


Camera and light settings:

  • Canon 600D @ 1/200 ISO 100
  • Pentacon 50mm f1.8 with macro extension tube @ f16
  • 3 x YN-560III flashes (details in the pic below)
  • Triggered by Yongnuo YN560-TX manual flash controller


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Abstract macro photography BTS


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