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By May 28, 2015

  It’s a day four of my ambitious project (ambitious for me, at least) and it was a beautiful day to be outside too! We were cruising around Croatian region Lika, which is famous for it’s untouched and beautiful landscapes. So I decided to take a photo of my friend’s old Land Rover Defender. Check out

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Glass product photography
By May 27, 2015

  Summer is (almost) here, so I guess we all gonna need plenty of water and lemons soon. Or maybe just some beer? 😉 Anyway, here is a glass of water, with some ice and a slice of lemon, just for you! This was a fun image to make, with pretty simple setup as well.

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By May 26, 2015

  Ok, I made it to day two! Woohoo! This time I decided to go downtown, and see what I can do combining the ambient light with speedlites. It’s always a struggle to gel the lights correctly, and I don’t think I’ve fully succeeded this time, because I’ve got this purple color cast visible on the

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