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Pole dance
By July 08, 2015

I know you like it, so we did a bit more of pole dance photography!   Petar’s girlfriend (remember him?) is into pole dance since last couple years and we had a nifty photo session at their studio in Zagreb. I used three flashes, two were shot through softboxes on the opposite sides, and third

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Pole dance photography
By July 03, 2015

I had a nice and fruity pole dance photography session with Petar, who is into athletics, street workout and pole dance for quite a while now.   We went to the Jarun lake, where Petar is usually training and we picked up, not only one but two spots to take some photos! Since I am quite

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Breaking at the Fountain
By June 26, 2015

  I was hanging out with Mario (remember him?) around the National library in Zagreb and we saw this fountain right across the street. Since Mario is always in the mood to show off some of his breaking moves, we decided to take couple of pics right in front of the fountain. It turned out pretty

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By June 17, 2015

  Is B-boying just a form of dance or is there more to it? My friend Mario is into breaking for quite a while now, and today we made a little exhibition of his Freeze moves in front of Museum of Contemporary art in Zagreb. I was there with my gear, and after about an

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