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Architecture Photography Cibona Tower Zagreb
By July 13, 2015

It was about time for me to do some architecture photography. I live near Cibona Tower in Zagreb, so I took my camera and tripod and walked around the tower till I found the best angle to capture the pic of the tower.   In my opinion, most of the architecture photography shots turn out

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By July 10, 2015

We were at the park again and did some portraiture.   Here is one pic where I combined natural light and flash. Sun was in the back and and it lit her hair nicely and one flash was shot through a softbox, to provide a fill light on Marina’s face. Turned out pretty good! As

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Street portrait photography
By July 05, 2015

I love doing street portrait photography at night, especially in the city center. I find the city ambient light at night, both challenging to expose correctly and pleasing to the eye (if done properly) This time Marina (remember her?) and I went to the corner of Draškovićeva and Vlaška street in Zagreb. It’s a pretty

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Pole dance photography
By July 03, 2015

I had a nice and fruity pole dance photography session with Petar, who is into athletics, street workout and pole dance for quite a while now.   We went to the Jarun lake, where Petar is usually training and we picked up, not only one but two spots to take some photos! Since I am quite

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By June 27, 2015

It’s a beard day today!   My buddy Jakov has got this epic sized beard, which always looks good on pics. Today was no different! We went in front of the Croatian State Archives building and took couple of photos there. Weather was kinda overcast today, with plenty of diffused light all around the place,

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