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Beer Glass Product photography
By June 03, 2015

  Yeah, I know, I was talking about beer the other day and then posted a pic of my self! 😉 So there you go, a glass of ice cold beer! Cheers! Took me a while to get everything prepared for this shot, but I think it was worth it. This time I wasn’t just

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By June 01, 2015

I was too lazy to move my ass anywhere today, hence this experiment with bokeh background. Turned out it was quite easy to produce a “fake” bokeh for today’s model – little rubber devil duck 🙂 I used bunch of glasses, positioned about two meters behind the subject, and pointed two speedlites straight to the

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By May 29, 2015

  TGI Friday.   It’s finally Friday. Say no more. Have a nice weekend gals and boys!     (click on the image for full size)

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Glass product photography
By May 27, 2015

  Summer is (almost) here, so I guess we all gonna need plenty of water and lemons soon. Or maybe just some beer? 😉 Anyway, here is a glass of water, with some ice and a slice of lemon, just for you! This was a fun image to make, with pretty simple setup as well.

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By May 25, 2015

I decided to start a 365 Days Photo project, for couple of reasons. First, I’d like to build up my photography portfolio. Since I got into video, motion graphics, visual effects and filmmaking, I stopped taking photos as often as I did before, so hopefully this project will change that fact. Basically, I’ll try to

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