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Sunglasses Product photography
By July 23, 2015

I decided to do sunglasses product photography one more time. However, I used a different approach today.   Lighting setup was fairly simple this time, just one speedlight above the sunglasses, shot at 1/1 power through scrim (100 x 100 cm). Majority of the light was bounced back of white perspex, so the glasses were

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High Key Photography
By July 22, 2015

Playing with high key photography these days.   Today I used one light only. I wanted to do some classic beauty shots, and since I don’t have a beauty dish (yet), I used one of my softboxes. So basically, I had one flash shot through softbox with inner diffuser only. It was positioned just above

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By July 21, 2015

Seems that there are quite a few grinders in my kitchen. So I’ve chosen this old yellow grinder for today’s product photo shoot.   It kinda looks like a chess piece, and it’s yellow. Hence the blue paper background. I used three flashes, one shot through a softbox on the right, with the scrim in

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High Key self portrait
By July 20, 2015

Today is no day for fancy and complicated lighting setups. I just wanted to play around with high key photography.   And that’s basically it! High key photography is simple – camera on a tripod, on camera flash fired at 1/4 power and me in front of it. I used big ass scrim as background,

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Dark Field Lighting
By July 19, 2015

Using dark field lighting with glassware is pretty challenging, with all the reflections that are visible in the glass.   In this particular setup, I used only one light, a flash shot through softbox which was placed in the back. The key to success was proper use of flags, to block the light and unwanted

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