Clockwork Macro – 365Project – Day 76

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Posted on August 08, 2015

I learned a simple yet effective lighting technique, which can be applied both to macro photography and videography. I used it today to take a macro shot of an old clockwork.


YN-160 led video light has some sort of barn doors that protect the diodes while transporting the unit. They are pretty much useless to shape the light, except in this case. I used the doors to make some sort of a light tent on my table and placed the clockwork under it. Since the barn doors are coated with silver reflective paint it helped to bounce the light inside this “tent” and spread it more evenly.

I took the BTS pics with my iPhone, sorry for bad quality!


Camera and settings:

  • Canon 600D @ 1/80 ISO 100
  • Pentacon 50mm f1.8 with macro extension tube @ f16
  • YN-160 LED light @ 100% power


Clockwork BTS


Here is one more pic, just so you can see how small is the item compared to the lens and the keys in the background.

Clockwork BTS

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