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Landscape Photography – 365Project – Day 71

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Posted on August 03, 2015

I was driving around with my friend in the northern part of Zagreb county, looking for some nice night views for landscape photography. As we drove around the hills we saw a neat place to park our car and tripods! :)

I took a pic of this village that’s situated in the north of Zagreb county using 25 seconds exposure and aperture stopped down to f2.8. ISO was set at 100. In case you’re wondering where this place is, check this map!


Camera and light settings:

  • Canon 600D @ 25 sec ISO 100
  • Canon EF 50mm @ f2.8
  • Tripod


Here is the pic in full size! (click on it for to magnify)

Landscape Photography



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Fran is into photography and motion pictures. He makes music videos, lifestyle documentaries, visual effects and motion graphics. Fran currently lives and works in Zagreb, but he often also finds himself on the road accompanied by his camera.