Olympos Beydaglari National Park

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Posted on August 25, 2015

We continued our trip to Olympos national park and kinda got lost on our way there.


Actually, we had in mind to take a cable car to one of the mountain tops of Mt. Olympos. They call it Sea to Sky cable car, which is pretty adequate term, considering it takes you (almost) from the sea level all the way up to the top (which is at 2365 meters). While we were driving, we didn’t know exactly where to go, so I made a turn couple kilometers before the cable car base station. We ended up driving through some canyon, which turned out pretty awesome. Again, everywhere you go in Turkey, you get to enjoy breathtaking views!


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Just a quick reminder about our route:

Antalya – Olympos Beydaglari National Park (near Kemer) – Kaş – Kalkan – Saklıkent Canyon – Fethiye – Karacasöğüt (small village near Marmaris) – Dalaman (airport) – Istanbul



(click on the image for full size)






The road took us this way through a canyon




Electricity poles and narrow road were only signs of civilization




We drove about two hours through small roads, up and down.. 




We finally found our way to the cable car! There’s a viewpoint at the top, with 360 degree panorama view. A breathtaking view of the Turkish Riviera in the south and huge mountains in the north.




And if you look up.. you’ll see only clouds, sun.. and people flying around! 🙂




Yup, it seems that this place is quite popular among paragliders…




… and they seem to have loads of fun up there!




One last look at the sea before we go…




And we’re back on the road! Stopped for some Turkish coffee on our way to Kalkan. It’s been a long day and the sun was about to set. 




We said goodbye to the sun, and headed off to Kalkan




We arrived to Kalkan that night, and spent whole next day at the nearby beach. In the evening we visited Kaş. More about Kaş in my next blog post!


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