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By June 14, 2015

  It’s time for cherries! Cherry season has just begun, and I got bunch of cherries today, straight from my dad’s backyard. They look pretty darn good, and taste even better! Anyway, I snapped a pic of them, using just one flash, positioned above and shot through softbox. Bowl of cherries was on the white

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By June 13, 2015

  Omnipresence. Seems that I am finally able to be everywhere at the same time! What should I do first, where could I go? 😉 Ok, jokes aside, this post is not much about lighting (which was pretty much straightforward, as seen in the pic below), it’s more about compositing and postproduction I did afterwards

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Luka flex - bodybuilding photography
By June 12, 2015

  Bodybuilding photography is all about lighting musculature. I got this buddy, who was participating in flexing contest recently. So it was perfect time to take some photos of him and his packs, before he gets all fat and chubby again 😉 Alright, just kidding, this guy is dedicated to his cause and super serious

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