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By June 09, 2015

  I was digging through my old stuff, and found a bunch of old cassettes in my basement. So here you go, I present you my new wallpaper It can be yours as well, feel free to download it and use it. Originally, there was less cassettes than you see in the final photo, and

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By June 08, 2015

  They say that the golden hour is the best time of the day for taking portrait photographs. And it certainly is! Yesterday I cleaned my Samyang lens to the next oh-so-clean and shiny level, and today we went to the Jarun lake in Zagreb, to test drive it and take a portrait photo of

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Beer Glass Product photography
By June 03, 2015

  Yeah, I know, I was talking about beer the other day and then posted a pic of my self! 😉 So there you go, a glass of ice cold beer! Cheers! Took me a while to get everything prepared for this shot, but I think it was worth it. This time I wasn’t just

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