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By August 08, 2015

I learned a simple yet effective lighting technique, which can be applied both to macro photography and videography. I used it today to take a macro shot of an old clockwork.   YN-160 led video light has some sort of barn doors that protect the diodes while transporting the unit. They are pretty much useless

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By August 07, 2015

  Ok, here is one for you. Can you guess what is it? Let me know in comments! 😉   Camera settings: Canon 600D @ 1/25 ISO 100 Canon EF-S 10-18mm @ f5.6

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Water Drops Photography
By July 07, 2015

Still playing with the fish tank I borrowed. Today I decided to take a photo of water drops.   It’s my second day of playing with water drops and bubbles. In case you missed it, here is how my first day came along. The light setup was the same as I used it last time,

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Air bubbles
By July 06, 2015

I borrowed a fish tank from a friend, and I must say that today weather was perfect (around 35°C) to get hands wet and do some abstract air bubbles photography!   The lighting was pretty straightforward, I used only one flash to light the background. Gelled with blue gel, to give a little bit of

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Abstract macro photography
By July 04, 2015

As a photographer, I didn’t pay much attention to abstract macro photography, but today it crossed my mind to give it a try. The thing about abstract macro photography is that possibilities are endless, especially if you have a bunch of (semi)useless crap at home, like me! 🙂  I found some screws, placed them in

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