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Posted on August 24, 2015

Some of you might have been wondering what happened to my 365 days photo project. The thing is – I was in Turkey and I had only my camera and couple of lenses with me. Took quite a few pics there, so (hopefully) you’ll forgive me for not working on my 365 project anymore.


No problem! That’s probably the most used phrase by Turkish people. Everything seems so easy for them. Ask a local in the street for directions, he’ll be happy to show you way. Sit in the restaurant, they will be right there, at your table, with a big smile on their face and ready to fulfill all your gastronomical needs. Turkey is definitely a big country which is using a huge portion of it’s tourism potential. However, my stay there was too short to cover all the details and I hope you’ll enjoy looking at pics I took as much as I enjoyed taking them. I’ll post pics for every place chronologically in separate posts, and add couple words of description to each of it.


Our journey begun with a road trip in the south of Turkey. After we spent one whole day switching planes (Zagreb – Belgrade – Istanbul – Antalya), we finally arrived to Antalya. I’ve booked the car from a car rental company beforehand, and after our arrival we realized that the company actually doesn’t have an office at the airport. We spent couple minutes asking security officers for help and one phone call after we found ourselves in the car, driving to Antalya old city center. No problem!


Our route was as follows:

Antalya – Olympos Beydaglari National Park (near Kemer) – Kaş – Kalkan – Saklıkent Canyon – Fethiye – Karacasöğüt (small village near Marmaris) – Dalaman (airport) – Istanbul


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Antalya is a big tourist place, but we spent only one day there.


Typical street view of the shops in the new part of the city



This must be some kind of an old advertisement for a bank in Turkey



So many umbrellas, however it rarely rains in the summer in the south of Turkey



There are many old doors in the old part of Antalya, such as this one



… and details such as this one…



If you climb up a bit higher, you’ll experience killer views, just like this one



Clearly, someone’s a big fan of the 80s movies



This is how the streets of an old part of the city typically look



There are so many stray cats all around the place, but everybody is feeding them.



Event though Antalya is a pretty big city, that counts over one million people, the old part seemed very quiet during the night



Next morning, we had to say goodbye to the city and leave for Kalkan…



Stay tuned for the next blog post, which will be about our visit to Olympos. Read all about how we got lost on our way to Beydaglari National Park, which is located near city of Kemer and check out the pics I took there!


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